Topic Name Description
File Navigation Guidelines for Sixth Grade

Guidelines for Sixth Grade

URL Homework


URL Library Information
URL Read Theory
URL Socrative Assessment

Use the following Room Name to enter my Socrative classroom.

Room Name: aef25f3f

Topic 1 URL State Practice ELA Test (2019)
URL Turn It In

Turn It In

URL Free Rice: Learn vocabulary and help the less fortunate

Learn new vocabulary words and help a great cause at the same time.  For each answer you get right, 10 grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Program.

Topic 3 URL Scholastic Scope Magazine

Classroom password for Scope: greenstart10

URL Wordly Wise Quizlet

Wordly Wise Quizlet

Topic 4 URL Dictionary
URL Thesaurus
URL Fact Monster
Designed for kids of all ages, this site offers an amazing array of facts and figures in addition to homework help, an almanac, dictionary and much more.
URL Information Please Almanac

Online almanac offering millions of interesting and useful facts on a wide variety of subjects.

URL Internet Public Library
URL iTools Research
Collection of online research tools including dictionaries, translations, quotations and more.
URL Library of Congress
Easy to use reference catalog for accessing the collections of the Library of Congress.
URL U.S. Federal Government
Statistical information from over 100 federal agencies.
URL Infohio

Username: vanburen

Password:  knights

Topic 8 URL Connotation and Denotation Quiz
Connotation and Denotation Quiz
URL Analogy Jeopardy
Topic 14 URL CNN Student News

U.S. and World news multimedia site tailored to the needs of students.

URL The Courier
URL Tween Tribune

Smithsonian Tween Tribune

URL National Geographic
URL Student News Daily

Student News Daily