Topic outline

  • PE Weekly Homework

    Use the attached record sheet to log your weekly activity for PE.  Circle the day that you have PE at the top.  Write your name and your class.  Circle your grade.  The warm-up section is simply any warm-up that we do in PE (jog,skip forward, backward, karaoke, karaoke, run; high knees, butt kicks, slide or gallop; rock-paper-scissors).  The Cardio Activity should be something that increases your heart rate for 20-30 minutes.  The Strength Activity would be sit-ups, push ups, planks...anything that is building your muscles strength and endurance. Cardio And finally Stretching is a cool down activity.  Stretch those muscles that you just finished working.

    What you need to do is always complete the warm-up and cool down.  Your choice is whether to do the Cardio or the Strength activity.  You can simply put a check mark in the warm-up and stretch boxes.  However, please write your activity in the box for cardio and strength.  

    Remember, if you have PE on Thursdays, you only need to do an activity on Thursdays (or once a week).  If the weather is nice on a Monday, and you want to ride your bike, that is fine!  Keep this as simple as possible.  This is more about getting some exercise and not forgetting the things that you have already learned than it is following a specific set of rules.  Please make sure that this get turned in so that you get a grade.  Copy and paste, or print.  You can take a picture of the final copy and email it to me.  But in order to get a grade, you have to communicate.  Please check once a week, or every other week with updates so that I know you are keeping up with your workouts.