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    Week 9       May 11-15

    Covid-19 Wrap up

    You are living history.

    Many years from now, people will look back at this year to study what happened and how it affected the people who are living in it.  You are one of those people.

    Take time to reflect and record what is happening now so you can always remember what happened during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    Your teacher will be contacting you with how to access a slide show that you will edit and fill in with facts, pictures, and letters from the last few weeks.  

    Week 8     May 4-8


    Outdoor Research Project 

    Explore the outdoors

    1. Make observations of how animals/insects get supplies from the environment.  Quietly watch animals/insects to see what they eat, where they get water and where they rest/sleep. Take notes while watching.   How are they using their surroundings to help them stay safe? 

    2. Use your notes to write a non-fiction informational story about what you observed.    

    3. Use your notes to make a bar graph of what you observed outside.  (Bugs, birds, insects, plants)


    When you are finished with your notes, non-fiction story, and your graph email it to your teacher.


    Animal Observation Notes Sheet

    Graph example

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    Phonics Focus 

    I know it sounds young but this site really helps with the early foundations of reading!

    Start with the learn to read mouse and have your child work your way through the buttons.