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  • During Our Hiatus...

    Hiatus: a pause or gap in something (a process, a sequence, etc.)

    Hi there!

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    Kids: I am sad that I cannot be working with you all face-to-face, but we will continue working hard during these 3 weeks. I will miss you all.

    • For ESL, there will be no "Live Instruction," like some of your other classes. However, if you want or need help, please call me on Zoom! Just click the link listed below.

    Parents: Each week, I will update my Moodle page AND send you all a message regarding expectations for the week. My instruction is so language and conversationally focused that an "online environment" is not ideal for instruction, but I want kiddos to still get some practice in while they are home. 

    • Video messages: I will send out some video messages to all of you, for you to share with your kids. I want them to still see my face, even though they are not seeing me in person. If they would like to respond with a video, feel free to send that to me via ClassDojo or text it to me (419) 306-5789.
    • Classroom work: I am fully aware that regular classroom teachers are also assigning work for the kiddos. Because of this, the work I'm assigning for ESL is not too difficult or time consuming. I typically see kiddos between 1-5 days a week, for 30-minute sessions.. I took this into account when planning these lessons. If I see a group 3 times in a week, I created tasks that would take around that amount of time to fill up a week's worth of ESL class time. They may finish quickly and that is okay, too! I just want them to be practicing what they can while they are home.


  • Good Resources to Use at Home!

    RAZ - Teacher Username: mmellott4

    RAZ - Every student password: 🍎 (picture of apple)

    ***RAZ is set up to lower reading levels than many of the kids are currently at. I can update this to your current reading level if you message me :) ***

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