Topic outline

  • Course Information

    Moodle - Please check Moodle each class period!!  Every assignment will be listed in order there.  It will be posted before the class period starts (usually the night before), but can be done anytime.

    Email - I will communicate with you through email.  Please check your school email and look for emails from me every week or so.  Email is also the best way to reach me (  I check it often and will reply!

    Grades - I will update Progressbook regularly.  I will mark it as missing if you haven't turned it in.  You can turn it in late and still attempt full credit, but please don't let yourself get too far behind!  If you are ever unsure what you are missing, check Progressbook and email me any questions you have!

    Answering a 'journal' question in Moodle - It won't really be a journal question, but will be the Journal submission format.  When you are completing an assignment in that format, I will have directions posted in the assignment....but here they are....You will click 'Start of Edit my journal entry', type your answer, then click 'Save changes'.

    Course Content - This will be a little different than what I normally teach in 6th grade Health because I'm trying to make the information as relevant to real life right now, and what is going on with Health, as I can.  I have a plan, but will also just kind of see what is going on in the world and how we can make it relevant to our health.

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