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  • WELCOME TO 2nd Grade!

    3 weeks apart

    Sure makes me sad

    This is the oddest Spring

    We've ever had!

    Produce great work

    Keep doing your best

    Reading, Math, Writing..!!

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      Today we will start a bit of fun...a Scavenger Hunt around your house!!
      How it works:  Each day a 5 item list will be posted.  Each item will be followed by points.  If you can touch/see this item in your home you can add the points!  If you cannot find the item in your home than no points!  You must search for these cannot say to yourself, "Yep, we've got that!"  Keep track of your points.  Each list will be labeled, A, B, C, etc...Keep track on a piece of paper:  A: 1,0,1,2,3 B: 3,2,1,1,0 etc...  THIS IS AN ASSIGNMENT.  WE WILL GRAPH OUR RESULTS AT THE END.  PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF YOUR POINTS. 

      List A:

      *bandaid:  1 point
      *bird print on a dishtowel:  2 towel
      *paintbrush:  1 point
      *clothespin:  2 points
      *picture of YOU in a frame:  3 points
      • Notes from Me to YOU!!!

        At Home Lessons

        Please check here for your daily lessons.   
        Your color coded calendars will guide you each day.  
        I will be making a few changes but I will give you a heads up in advance.

        Thanks for all of the pictures of assignments and cute kids! 
        This is not an ideal situation but with all of us working together we will keep pushing your kiddos along!

        • Monday, March 30




          *GOLD CALENDAR*


          Choose 1 story from the Animals and Nature category.

          Spelling City:  1 game

          Spelling Words for Unit 5/Week 4.

          ball, small, paw, jaw, pause, sauce, taught, chalk, walk, sought, new, fruit, city, own, read

          **Tell your home school teacher how great they are!!!**


          *GREEN CALENDAR*

          Unit 8

          Complete pages:  213, 214, 215 and 216.

          Page 214.  Take a picture of page 214 and send it to me.  

          Page 215.  Reminder..a Ballpark Estimate is rounding to the nearest 10.  Take a picture of page 215 also!


          Check Ms. Van Vlerah's Moodle page for today's assignment!