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    Welcome to

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    Second Grade




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      Weekly Homework


      Monday---Spelling Worksheet

      Tuesday---Math Worksheet

      Wednesday---Spelling Worksheet or Math Worksheet

      Thursday----Language or Math Worksheet

      Friday---Enjoy the weekend!

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        Upcoming Events



        7 - 100th Day Celebration

        13 - Stevi B's (2nd Grade Teachers will be serving)

        14 - Valentines Day Party

        17 - No School - Teacher Inservice


        12 - Stevi B's

        26 - Wax Museum (6:30-7:15)


























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          Our whole group reading instruction each week will focus on a story from our reading books.  With this story, we work on spelling words, vocabulary, language skills and writing.  You will find the week's story title at the top of your child's word list that comes home on Mondays.

          This year we will also be using ideas from The Daily Five and CAFE for small group and one-on-one reading instruction.  Click on the website below for more information!

          Scholastic Reading Counts is a web-based quiz program that we will be using to increase comprehension.  Books from our classroom and the elementary library are labeled based on a points system.  Each quarter, the children will be given a goal of a certain amount of reading counts points to earn.  They can earn these points by reading books and passing quizzes on the school computers.  See the website below for a list of books and their point values.



          For Book Flix, use the username: vanburen and the password: knights

        • Topic 4


          One of the things parents can do at home to help their child with Math is to practice addition and subtraction facts. Below are some links your child can use to practice.

          Below is the link for the Sumdog Math games. Your child will need to use his username and password in order to log in and play.


          Hello Kiddos!  Here we are in the last 2 weeks of second grade!  I am so proud of how you have handled everything this year!  You are truly amazing!

          Hello Parents!  I know you are probably thrilled that the end of school is coming!  I couldn't have asked for better families!  Thank you so much for all of your help during this strange time.  I couldn't have done this without all of you!  

          Send me a picture of your drawing of Arthur and your Worm Poster.

          Tuesday, May 5


          • Watch the Marc Brown Interview below.
          • Draw a picture of Arthur!  If you need help, I have attached step-by-step directions below. Don't forget to send me a picture of your drawing.


          • Zoom Lesson at 10:00.  I can't wait to see your Worm Posters.  You can share something about the poster if you would like during our Zoom. Don't forget to send me a picture of your poster.


          • Check out Miss Hector's moodle page for this week's assignment.

          Wednesday, May 6


          • Zoom Lesson at 10:00.  Show and Tell...
          • Please find something that you would like to show us and think about what you would like to tell us.
          • Complete pg. 231 in your Math Journal


          • Read for 10 minutes

          Thursday, May 7


          • Zoom Lesson at 10:00.
          • I will be reading "Arthur's Nose."
          • Either copy the worksheet below, "Facts about Aardvarks," or write them on a piece of paper.  
          • You can click on the website below to find the facts.


          • Check Ms. Breitigam's moodle page for this week's assignment.

          Friday, May 8


          • Zoom Lesson at 10:00.  
          • Do you have a joke that you would like to share on our lesson today?
          • Then we will play "See, but not Hear."  I'll explain how to play during our meeting.
          • Complete pg. 232 in your Math Journal.  The answers are below.


          Check out Ms. VanVlerah's moodle page for this week's assignment.


          Hello Kiddos!  Here we are in the last week of school!  Wow! I have really missed all of you!  I will be dropping off things left in your desk next week!  I can't wait to see you!  I am really proud of all of you!  Have a great summer!

          Hello Parents! All of you have been wonderful to work with!  You have made this very weird time, so much easier!  Thank you for being terrific! I will be dropping off items next week at your home.  One of those items will be the wax museum poster that your kiddo made before leaving school.  If you have the time, please video your kiddo saying their speech in front of the poster.  If your kiddo has his/her costume, go ahead and put it on.  If they don't have it, no biggie, just have them wear their regular clothes.  

          Send me a picture of your venn diagram and your planned vacation!

          Tuesday, May 12


          • Zoom lesson at 10:00.  I will be reading "Arthur Goes To Camp." We'll see how much Arthur has changed.  We will have a scavenger hunt, also.
          • You now know some facts about real aardvarks.  Compare real aardvarks to Arthur on the venn diagram below.  Remember you should write how they are different in the outer circles, and how they are alike where the circles overlap. Don't forget to send me a picture.


          • Please look at Mrs. Hector's moodle page for this week's assignment.

          Wednesday, May 13


          • Zoom lesson at 10:00.  We will be playing Hangman.  
          • Complete pages 238-239 in your Math Journal


          • If you would like to share a pic of you practicing self-care, you may! In the weeks to come if you would like to send pics of your BINGO board once you get a BINGO, that would be great, too! Pics can me sent to me at
          This is something just to have fun with, don't stress it! 
          Miss you all!
          Mrs. May 💜

          Thursday, May 14


          • Zoom lesson at 10:00.  I will read "Arthur's Family Vacation."  We will also play Would You Rather.
          • Now that you have heard about Arthur's vacation, you can plan your own vacation below! Don't forget to send me a picture!


          Please look at Ms. Breitigam's moodle page for this week's assignments.

          Friday, May 15

          • Zoom lesson at 10:00


          • Please check out Ms. VanVlerah’s Moodle page for this week’s assignments.