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  • General

    Ms. Rhodes

    Elementary Counselor

    Grades K-5


    Hello and welcome! My name is Cheri May. I am the counselor for the kindergarten through fifth grade classes. My program focuses on assisting each of our students in reaching their fullest potential by responding to the academic, social, personal, and emotional needs related to the various stages of childhood growth and development.

    Services provided by the counseling program include:

    • Monthly lessons in each classroom covering topics such as responsibility, honesty, compassion, solving problems peacefully, and making positive choices
    • Small group programs such as Divorce, Anger Management, Study/Organizational Skills, Friendship, and Self-Confidence
    • Short-term individual counseling
    • Coordinate and provide resources, support, and information to families
    • Collaborate with local community agencies, organizations, and individuals

    If you have questions or concerns at any time please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here as a resource to the family unit as whole and am happy to assist you and your family in any way I can.

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