Week of April 27th - May 1st

Peter's Chair Read Aloud


Mom's Helpers Read Aloud


Guidance with Mrs. May

For Guidance this week, watch this short video to learn about self-care!  
Then, try out some self-care strategies by taking part in the VB Self-Care BINGO Challenge! 
If you would like to share a pic of you practicing self-care, you may! In the weeks to come if you would like to send pics of your BINGO board once you get a BINGO, that would be great, too! Pics can me sent to me at cmay@vbschools.net
This is something just to have fun with, don't stress it! 

The Water Cycle <----- Link to video here!

Clouds in a Jar Experiment <------ Link to experiment here! 

**Please note that final STEM projects/activities are optional but super fun!! Please listen to stories/video that go along with them regardless of final activity completion**