Monday, January 6 - Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Objective:  Students will learn about Plessy v. Ferguson using newspaper articles from 1896, videos, and Supreme Court decisions.  Students will consider how the different newspapers covered the Supreme Court case and how their word choices convey tone.

Standard:  RI.4 - I can identify the tone of an argument (formal/informal, positive/neutral/negative)

Students will learn the real history behind what we are going to see play out in To Kill a Mockingbird to better understand what is coming up in the book.

NOTE:  Students completing the vocabulary workbook should be working on Lesson Eight this week (week one of two).

One more thing!  Honors project participants - keep working!  Everything needs to be completed by April 15.  The January Write the World competition opens today for those participating in that project.

1.  Students should go to Classroom and open the assignment titled Plessy v. Ferguson - Impact on To Kill a MockingbirdThis is not a race.  If you are done in 15 minutes, you didn't put your full effort into it.  Slow down.

2.  TUESDAY - When students have finished writing their reflections on their own pieces of paper, they should turn their papers into paper airplanes and, on my command, close their eyes and throw their airplanes.  Students should then all open their eyes, find a paper airplane, read what was written, and follow directions to write responses to what their classmates wrote.

HOMEWORK:  If necessary, finish the Plessy v. Ferguson - Impact on To Kill a Mockingbird assignment and write your response to what your classmate wrote.  Read through the end of chapter nine (pg. 101) of TKM for block day.  Reassessments need to be completed by the end of this week, and unless you are going to stay after school, they need to be done during AA.  Be sure you have completed a reassessment application and have created what you need to show mastery.  MAP finishers, you will finish during AA Thursday unless you have a study hall before that time.  Finally, we will have independent reading time on block day.  Come prepared with reading material.

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