Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Objective:  Students will find textual evidence from Chapters 12-14 to support their analysis of the text.

Standard:  RL.1 (I can use quotes and examples to explain what the text says and implies.)

NOTE:  Students completing the vocabulary workbook should be working on Lesson Nine this week (week two of two).

The Grasshopper honors project participants are meeting during lunch tomorrow to work on Grasshopper.  Feel free to attend to help others, get help, etc.

1.  Students who read will meet with partners to attempt to find what they think is the best piece of textual evidence to support their analysis of the text related to these questions:

     A.  What is the best evidence of racial disharmony in Maycomb in Chapter 12?

     B.  What is the best evidence in Chapter 13 to explain who Aunt Alexandra is?

     C.  What is the best evidence in Chapter 14 to show how Jem is maturing while Scout and Dill             are still immature?

     D.  What is the best evidence in Chapters 12-14 to explain the role race plays in this book?

2.  After having time to find their evidence, students will go to PollEverywhere and share their responses for the individual questions.  If your evidence includes any "choice" language, please use the first letter and asterisks to identify the word.  Please also include page numbers for your evidence.

FOLLOW-UP:  We will be reading independently on block day, so come prepared.  Friday there will be an assessment of RL.1 and RL.4 (tone and mood).

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