Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Objective:  Students will read independently for twenty minutes and then continue/finish reading Chapters 15-17 to prepare for the block day fishbowl.

Standards:  RL.10, RL.1

1.  Students will have twenty minutes to read independently.

2.  Students should spend the rest of the period finishing the My Student Path spring assessment (mystudentpath.com), updating their Raise.me profiles, or reading Chapters 15-17 to prepare for the block day fishbowl.  

3.  Here's a reminder of the topics groups will be discussing for the fishbowl:

  • Chapter 15 - The showdown in front of the jail, Scout's role in that showdown, the relevance of this event to the book, etc.
  • Chapter 16 - Atticus and Aunt Alexandra's differing views of Calpurnia, the "blind spots" people in Maycomb have, mob mentality, the people of Maycomb heading for the trial, Mr. Dolphus Raymond, how the courthouse represents the people of Maycomb Co., Scout's revelation from the Idlers, Judge Taylor, etc.
  • Chapter 17 - Heck Tate's testimony, Atticus' cross-examination, Atticus' demeanor, Robert E. Lee Ewell's testimony, Mayella Ewell's geraniums, etc.
  • Consider what evidence you will use from each chapter to support your opinions (RL.1), what we learn about characters in these chapters through indirect characterization (RL.3), Harper Lee's tone in these chapters (RL.4), and how you feel (your mood) as a result of specific events in these chapters (RL.4).

4.  If students have finished reading the assigned TKaM chapters, they can review their annotations to make sure they are ready for the fishbowl (based on the topics above) and then continue reading their independent texts.

FOLLOW-UP:  Read Chapters 15-17 for block day (annotating while you read) to prepare for the fishbowl (SL.1C & 1D assessment).  

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