Monday, November 18, 2019

Objective:  Students will meet with their teammates to discuss the feedback they received and their thoughts about what improvements could have been made.

Learning Focus:  Students will learn to work together, give and receive feedback, and think deeply about the past to improve in the future.

An interesting quote I found over the weekend:  "Would you like me to give you a formula for success?  It's quite simple, really.  Double your rate of failure."  Thomas J. Watson

Standard:  SL.1B

NOTE:  Students completing the vocabulary workbook should be working on Lesson Five this week (week one of two).

1.  Students should re-read the blog posts they wrote for today to reflect on the PBL language project presentations.  Correct any mistakes you see and refresh your memory regarding what you wrote last week.

2.  Teams will meet and discuss their thoughts about the feedback they received.  They should feel free to refer back to all of the feedback resources they reviewed last Friday.  Students can also make additions/adjustments to their blog posts if they see fit.

3.  Students will receive a copy of the PBL rubric and should score themselves based what they believe their projects included.

4.  Students will receive the score rubrics I completed, review them, and consider where we agreed and disagreed on the outcome of the presentations.  I need these rubrics returned at the end of the period.  If you feel I missed something, your team will have an opportunity to talk with me tomorrow.

5.  In the last ten minutes of class, students should go to Classroom and complete the Overall Language PBL Reflection form found under the Language PBL topic.

FOLLOW-UP:  Teams should prepare any arguments (find spots on the video where they covered a rubric item, etc.) they have for grade adjustments on the rubric.  

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