Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Objective:  Students will reflect on the work of their teammates and discuss discrepancies in the scoring of the PBL presentations.

Learning Focus:  Students will recognize that they can help others excel by giving them productive feedback, and they will recognize that they need to take feedback from others into consideration when identifying how they can improve their own performance.

Standard:  SL.1D

1.  We will discuss what teams can do to reach mastery for any PBL rubric standards which are currently below mastery.

2.  Students will find Individual PBL Teammate Reflection forms on Classroom.  Students should complete one of these for every teammate (they are organized alphabetically by first name).

3.  While students are completing these reflection forms, teams can meet with me if we need to discuss any scoring discrepancies.

4.  When students have completed all of their team reflections, they can review the results.  If it is appropriate to add any of this information to the PBL reflection blog post, feel free to make those additions.

FOLLOW-UP:  Be sure to have independent reading material in class for block day so you can read and continue looking for unfamiliar vocabulary.  If there are any teams which did not get to meet with me regarding rubric discrepancies, let's plan to meet Thursday during AA (make sure I put your names on the request list).  If your team is reassessing any of the standards with achievement less than mastery, plan to have those done prior to the end of the day next Tuesday, November 26 (the last day before Thanksgiving break).  Make any final revisions to your PBL reflection blog post as it could be the next blog post I assess for you.  Next week you will be telling me which of the three posts you have written most recently you want me to assess.

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