Block Day - Wednesday, November 20 / Thursday, November 21, 2019

Objective:  Students will read independently to look for unfamiliar vocabulary and then be introduced to one of the key concepts found in To Kill a Mockingbird in order to introduce the book.

Standards:  RI.10, RL.10, L.4

1.  Students will have 20 minutes to read independently and tag unfamiliar vocabulary to be added to their word walls in upcoming weeks.

2.  Before we get into To Kill a Mockingbird, I'd like to set it up by watching a couple clips from some movies you've probably already seen:  Home Alone and The Sandlot.  What do you notice about both of these scenes?  Are there any motifs you notice? If you don't know what a motif is, that's okay.  We'll talk about it.

3.  Students will receive their copies of the book, put their names in them, and talk about what annotating means.

4.  Does anyone have seventh period study hall?  If so (and if you would like to help), you will be helping me with a bit of redecorating next week.  I would really appreciate the help.

FOLLOW-UP:  Be sure your PBL reflection blog post is done (along with the other three you should have completed since you wrote your first at the beginning of the year - a total of four).  Have your copy of Mockingbird in class every day from this point forward, and don't be afraid to bring your independent reading book with you daily so you can read it if you have time.  Feel free to use Mockingbird as a source of unfamiliar vocabulary.

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