Monday, December 16, 2019

Objective:  Students will review the reassessment application, review the Otus grade book, and identify what standards they need to reassess.

Students need to be working toward growth, and reassessment is the means to that end.  I argue a focus on growth will always result in learning, but a focus on grades will NOT always result in learning.

NOTE:  Students completing the vocabulary workbook should be working on Lesson Seven this week (week one of two).

1.  Students should head to Classroom so we can discuss the reassessment application.

2.  All reassessments should be completed by the end of the day FRIDAY, JANUARY 10.  That gives you 2 1/2 weeks to get these done.

3.  For some of the reassessments, you might just need to sit down and talk to me/show me what you have done.  You should still fill out a reassessment application in those situations.

4.  Reassessment applications must be completed by the end of the day TUESDAY of the week you plan to reassess during Thursday AA.

5.  We will go to the grade book in Otus and discuss where students need to reassess.  We will have an RL.3 reassessment the week of Jan. 6-10.

6.  Students should open their team's works cited pages from the language PBL so we can discuss the comments I left on them and what problems there still were even after we went over how to create the citations/works cited pages.

7.  Students can still reassess language PBL learning targets even if their teammates choose not to reassess.  They can individually show me they have mastered the content.

8.  Students should go to their blogs and read the feedback they received.  This is another reassessment opportunity.

FOLLOW-UP:  Let's get to mastery for these standards.  You are in control of your learning.  If you focus on learning, the grades will follow.  Have your independent reading/TKaM in class tomorrow so you can add unfamiliar words and context guesses to your word wall.

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