Friday, January 3, 2020

Objective:  Students will discuss the tone(s) Harper Lee conveyed in Chapter Six and consider how they felt (their moods) when reading various aspects of the chapter.

Standards:  RL.4

Being able to identify tone and mood are as important in a book as they are in real life if a reader truly wants to understand what is happening in the book.

1.  Students will meet in groups of four to discuss the tones they saw and moods they felt in Chapter Six.  Please focus on specific textual evidence which led to those feelings, and use the Vocabulary for Tone/Mood sheet on Classroom to identify specific tones/moods.

2.  After fifteen minutes we will meet to discuss students' findings and discrepancies in how people viewed the tones conveyed and moods felt.

3.  Students should complete an exit ticket on Socrative before leaving.  The teacher question is "Are tone and mood more important in a book or real life?  Why?"

FOLLOW-UP:  Have a good weekend.  Read Chapters 7-9 for block day next week.  There will be an RL.3 and RL.4 assessment next week.  Be sure to take care of any reassessments you need to complete as those need to be done next Thursday.  People who still need to finish the MAP assessment will also be completing that next Thursday during AA.

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