Block Day - Wednesday, January 15 / Thursday, January 16, 2020

Objective:  Students will read independently, discuss the remainder of Chapter Ten (if necessary), and develop their word walls.

Standards:  L.4, RL.10, RI.10

1.  Students will have twenty minutes to read independently.

2.  We will go over the results of the RL.3 & 4 assessment from Monday.

3.  If necessary, we will finish discussing Chapter Ten of TKaM.

4.  Students will head to their word walls, add one new word to the wall (regardless of how many they already have), and complete the first three columns.

5.  This time, instead of going to a partner's wall, students should stay on their own wall and physically go to the partner.

6.  When the partners are together, the reader will read his/her context sentences aloud to the other partner.  The listener will then identify whether he/she thinks the tone the word conveys is positive or negative The reader will add that information to the partner context guess column, and then the listener should make a guess regarding the meaning of the word and how he/she arrived at that guess.  The reader will type that information into the partner context guess column along with the tone guess.

7.  Repeat the process for the other partner's word.

8.  Students will then look up the definitions of their respective words and add the appropriate information to the remaining three columns.

FOLLOW-UP:  Enjoy a couple days off from school.  If you would like to keep reading and annotating, go for it.

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