Block Day - Wednesday, January 22 / Thursday, January 23, 2020

Objective:  Students will read for twenty minutes, discuss Chapter 11, and begin identifying problems found in TKaM.

Standards:  RL.10, RI.10, RL.2

1.  Students will have twenty minutes for independent reading.  Note that you will be reading through Chapter 14 for Tuesday, so feel free to use this time to make progress.

2.  We will discuss the highlights of Chapter 11:

  • Jem's explosion and the result of that explosion - pgs. 114-121
  • Mrs. Dubose - pgs. 121-125
  • Mrs. Dubose's death and Atticus and Jem's reactions - pgs. 126-128
  • That's all, folks! (of Part One, that is)

3.  Students will meet in groups of five with the goal of identifying problems they saw in Part One of the book.  Students will share their findings with the entire class, and the list will be added to Classroom.

FOLLOW-UP:  Read and annotate Chapters 12-14 for Tuesday.  Use AA time wisely to get as much read and annotated at school as possible.  I don't want this to be a bunch of work for you over the weekend, but if you waste your time at school, it will be.

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