Block Day - Wednesday, February 12 / Friday, February 14, 2020 (Weather cancellation 2.13.20)

Objective:  Students will review the questions they added to the PBL questions form yesterday and think about what questions they would most like to answer and what topic that question falls under (addiction, etc.).

1.  Students will have 20 minutes to read independently.  They should be reading something of their choice.

2.  Students should head to Classroom, where they will find a spreadsheet containing all of the questions students asked yesterday. 

3.  In order to make your life a bit easier, after opening the spreadsheet, make a copy of it.  Students should read through the questions people asked and think about what question(s) they would most like to explore, try to answer, and, if possible, to identify a solution for the problem related to the question.  Highlight those questions.

4.  Once students have identified what question(s) they would like to further explore, they should go to Classroom, open the Know/Need to Know assignment, add the question to the top of the sheet (if you are still exploring multiple questions, complete a Know/Need to Know for each question), and fill out the Know and Need to Know columns based on your current understanding of the question/problem and what you think you need/would like to learn.

5.  If there is time remaining, students should share their Know/Need to Knows with others (they do not need to be partners with questions about the same topic) and see if there is anything else they can add after talking to someone.

FOLLOW-UP:  Come to class Tuesday with your Know/Need to Know sheet(s) completed (no school Monday - President's Day).   

Last modified: Friday, February 14, 2020, 7:30 AM