Friday, February 21, 2020

Objective:  Students will meet with classmates based on the overall topics of their questions with the goal of identifying who the problems affect.

1.  It is not too late to change the question you want to answer.  It won't be too late for a little while (eventually it will be), so don't fret if you start leaning another direction during/after today's class.

2.  Students will go to, answer the question, and then be grouped by topics (if any topics are too large, they will be split into multiple groups).

3.  Once students are in their groups, they should take a minute to share with others the questions they are looking to answer.

4.  Each group's goal is to answer this question:  Who does your problem affect?  Each student should record the group's answers on his/her own.  Students will need these later.

4.  After 5-7 minutes to brainstorm those who are affected, students will share their results with the class.  If any groups hear someone affected which they hadn't considered before, write it down.

5.  Students should go to Classroom to view the Empathy Map sample and get a feel for how it works and how it will help them work toward finding solutions for the problems/questions related to TKaM they are exploring.

6.  If there is time, students will receive Empathy Maps, go over the details, and begin working.  Students will need to complete two empathy maps for two people/groups affected by the questions/problems being explored (there are two on each sheet of paper).

FOLLOW-UP:  Finish/keep your maps as we will be using them in the near future.  Ms. Mahowald will be taking you back into the book next week, so come prepared and continue reading/annotating as you have time.

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