Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Objective:  Students will start to explore the Need to Know column to learn what information is going to be necessary for them to have for the PBL.

Standard:  RI.5 (I can identify an author's claim and the particular portions of text that support his/her claim.)

NOTE:  This week students completing the vocabulary workbook should be working on Lesson Eleven (week one of two).

1. Black and Orange

2.  This week will again be devoted to working through the foundation of your TKaM PBL.  That doesn't, however, mean you can't be reading and annotating in the book.  Feel free to read Chapter 18 and beyond if it fits into your schedule.

3.  Today we are going to be exploring the Need to Know column(s) you completed last Wednesday or Friday (no school last Thursday) to build a foundation of knowledge related to the question(s) you identified last week.

4.  The goal is to identify sources which will allow you to learn what you need to know about your topic before we start constructing the walls of your PBL "house."   When researching, remember the following:

  • You are encouraged to use the Chrome add-on Scrible to add articles to your Scrible library.  You can highlight, add notes, etc.  This will REALLY help you keep your sources organized because you do need to keep track of your resources.
  • You can limit your search results using Google search modifiers like site:.edu, site:.gov, etc.  We need reliable resources.  Websites with the .com domain likely won't be very useful.
  • Searching doesn't have to stop in class.  You have two AA periods between now and Friday in addition to a class period.  Keep searching for sources of credible, useful information so you have a wide range of information.

5.  As you work, you might come up with new information for your Need to Know column.  Keep adding that information to your document.

FOLLOW-UP:  Continue researching.  You will have class time to research on block day, but you need to continue researching between now and then.  You can't have too much information.  We will be having independent reading time on block day, so come prepared.

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